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Events and Activities Through the Years...

Founded in 1974 at The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Almost 5 Decades of Memories Made at The Vineyard Preschool

Graduation Celebrations

Graduation is one of our saddest and most cherished days. Saying good-bye to the kids that have been such a light in our lives, is always bittersweet. Families are all welcome to join us in our annual send off to Kindergarten.


Christmas Celebration


Thanks to the help of some amazing parents, we were able to deck out part of our school for the children to enjoy! This day was filled with decorating cookies, watching movies, creating gifts for the ones we love, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, Christ our savior. 


Welcome to our Patch!


Most years we would take a trip to the pumpkin patch before Halloween, but this year we brought the patch to us! Having the children trick or treat from other classes, pick out their very own pumpkin, and even get a hay ride around the playground! There is nothing we wouldn't do to give our children a little bit of normalcy during this time. 


Teddy Bear Picnic


What could possibly be more fun than spending the day at preschool with your teddy bear? This is one our children's favorite days of the year! While this year we provided the teddy bears for our kiddos (due to COVID and necessary restrictions), the kids couldn't wait to show their new friends around their stomping grounds. We loved watching all our little leaders flourish throughout this day!

Playhouse Donation


Habitat For Humanity

Playhouse Donation - July 16

We are so excited and blessed to have our very own, custom painted, new playhouse structure donated by Habitat For Humanity. The kids will be so excited to enjoy it this new school year!

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