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COVID-19 Health Policies 

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Due to the constantly evolving mandates and policies regarding Covid-19, we have created this page on our website to inform you of what these policies look like. If you click the link provided below, it will take you to  Santa Clara County Public Health's most recent masking mandate.

Mask Display

As for how we will be enforcing and protecting your children at school, these are the policies currently in place:

-Children older than 2 years must wear a mask indoors, enforced by reminders of proper mask wearing. We will provide masks if one is forgotten for the child. Masks must cover the mouth and nose.


-The children must arrive to school in a mask already placed upon them by a parent or caregiver.  

-Children may be mask free outdoors and during eating and drinking times, unless advised by a parent that masks should be worn outdoors. 

-Temperatures will be taken 2 times per day, once at drop off and once at snack time. Any child with a temperature will be sent home.

-Children must be free of illness to attend school. If someone in the home is sick, the child must not attend school. This includes older or younger siblings, parents or grandparents living in the home etc. 

-Rigorous cleaning will be taking place in the classrooms during the day and after school is released. 

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