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COVID-19 Health Policies 

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Due to the constantly evolving mandates and policies regarding Covid-19, we have created this page on our website to inform you of what these policies look like. Please work with us to ensure a healthy and safe school experience for staff and children.

Please email the office if your child will be missing school due to an illness.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles

As for how we will be enforcing and protecting your children at school, these are the policies currently in place:

-Any child feeling ill will be sent home

-A child must be fever, stomach issue free for 24 hours without the aide of medicine

-We will be cleaning and disinfecting high touch objects throughout the day, and a more rigorous cleaning at the end of each day

-We are big on hand hygiene and the importance of covering coughs or sneezes


-Covid tests will be required if there is more than one symptom of Covid present


-If a child tests positive for Covid, they will contact the office for Decision Tree information about return. 


Most current Decision Tree can be found at:

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